Registrar Feedback

The information and advice you give is amazing! Cases are current and relevant to CSA. Keep it up and continue with your passion. You are basically changing lives by helping trainees to pass. Thank you (September 2019).
Fantastic course, fab feedback, thank you for the confidence boost (August 2019).
Very informative and enjoyable. It has given me confidence for the up coming exam. Thank you (August 2019).
Excellent, small group, focused learning, constructive feedback. Enjoyable day where I felt that I achieved a lot and improved throughout the day. Good range of cases. Clearly very knowledgeable and experienced teachers who were supportive and fun too (July 2019)!
Thanks so much for a really useful and surprisingly enjoyable day! I feel so much more prepared and more focused on what I need to do over the next few months (July 2019).
I came to your course before the May CSA exam. Just to mention that I passed! Managed to get 97! Thanks so much for all your help on the course. It was a great help! Good luck with running it in the future! Will definitely recommend to friends (May 2019).
I didn’t know what to expect signing up for this course. The website looked really good and so I just went for it. It turned out to be a fantastic decision. Joe and Nathan are insightful teachers with a real feel for the CSA. Their phrases and advice were invaluable. Thanks so much both (May 2019).
I found your course superb - I did not expect this sort of quality. It was above my expectations. It was a pleasure to be in your course and I recommend it to all my fellows. I feel more confident and I know how I can improve my performance. Many thanks to you [both] (May 2019).
Just wanted to drop you a line to say I passed my CSA!! I scored 90, which I was pretty happy with! Your course was immensely helpful- I hadn’t done any preparation when I attended (as you might have been able to tell!), but after the day I felt I had a much better idea about how to approach the exam, and it gave me the proverbial kick up the rear to get my revision going properly (April 2019)!
This was one of the best courses I have ever done, and certainly the best value. It felt like you both really cared, and it is obvious that you have both put a lot of effort into developing the course. It was refreshing that it was not too regimented [...] but also not just an experienced GP talking about how they think it should be done, as some tutorials can be. [...] I'm very grateful to you for putting on the course, and it must be said that for the first time in a very long time. I was looking forward to work on Monday morning. Thanks again (April 2019).
Thanks again for your help and very useful feedback which helped me to pass! The best part was the 1:1 feedback. It really helped to improve my confidence and highlight the areas that needed further development (April 2019).
Very thorough and friendly course with useful constructive feedback on individual cases (March 2019).
I really enjoyed the course. I feel that it genuinely improved my technique and improved my approach to the CSA stations. The cases were broad in their topic area. I can't think of another course where we each would have been able to practice so many scenarios each (March 2019).
Thank you so much for all your time and attention. It was amazing! (March 2019).
Excellent course will highly recommend and above all warm, welcoming and enjoyable (March 2019).
Really friendly and insightful course. It was fantastic to get 1 to 1 feedback and the small group size made it feel very welcoming. A refreshing alternative to the other courses available. Thank you! (March 2019).
I really enjoyed yesterday and it was exactly what I wanted from a CSA course: the small group was ideal for me as I would have felt too intimidated if it was any larger. I found the more ‘unusual’ cases (eg telephone, home visit etc.) really helpful as these aren’t covered readily in the practice guides. I thought your approach to the CSA in general was extremely helpful and reassured me that it’s not all about knowledge! Absolutely fantastic (March 2019).
Good amount of hands on cases. Friendly atmosphere for role play practice with well structured feedback (February 2019).
Very useful and insightful course, has changed my way of thinking when dealing with cases and would definitely recommend (February 2019).
The mix of your freshness into the world of GP, Nathan, and [your] relatively recent sitting of the exam blends really well with the experience & wisdom of Joseph (January 2019).
I was really impressed by the content and structure of the course which relayed information effectively to the target audience - I was especially impressed by the "why me? why now?" now structure (January 2019).
The course was amazingly good. It gave me the insight to structure for the consultation and to sticking to valuable questions (January 2019).
Thank you so much. Honestly, you two have a gift for imparting knowledge without being didactic. You both struck a perfect balance between professionalism and lightheartedness. I’ve taken away lots of tips, and I hope to put those into practice not just for the exam, but for my career (January 2019).
In my view, The Cohen Course wins in all categories for revision courses: study group size, cost, quality of teaching topics, knowledge in discussions and number of role-plays. Their commitment and passion for teaching is evident and it was an honour to attend (January 2019).
I think the range of cases was excellent. I would definitely recommend the course, and actually there is great scope to increase the cost of it as other courses are more expensive. The individual nature of the course with limited number of people is the greatest difference from the other courses (January 2019).
What I loved the most about the course was that it was a very friendly atmosphere and we were made very comfortable which really helped my nerves when practicing the cases in front of everyone. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking CSA perhaps a coupe of months before the exam (December 2018).
It was an amazing course. Definitely one of the best ones I have been to. Lots of tips and advice in the opening presentation followed by plenty of cases. As it is a very small group only 4 people per course everyone gets the opportunity to practice plenty of cases and get direct feedback after each case (December 2018).
Overall, my experience with Dr Cohen was nothing but excellent, and the support and direction given me enabled me to pass my MRCGP exams at my first sitting.
Nothing I can say will ever convey the amount of gratitude I owe to you for your excellent training. Thanks for converting my mistakes into lessons. You really know how to bring out the best in your trainees.
Dr. Cohen is the most dedicated, approachable and patient-centered doctor I know. It was an absolute pleasure working alongside him as I learnt so much. He is very experienced as well as being completely up-to-date with his clinical knowledge which meant that as a trainee, I received excellent teaching.
Dr. Cohen is constantly willing to provide feedback, but never in a way that makes me feel I have performed inadequately, or indeed failed in my approach to a particular problem – instead highlighting opportunities for improvement.
It's not only his excellent teaching skills and extraordinary medical knowledge but he has an impressive sense of humour.
Thank you so much for all your help, support, patience and teaching. You have easily been the best teacher/trainer that I had during my medical career. The skills and knowledge you have provided me with will be with me throughout my career.
I was able to observe and thrive under the attention of a keen, motivated tutor whose experience and willingness to share insight and perspective was massively beneficial to my education.
It is clear he has an excellent understanding of the exam itself and how to best prepare his trainees, both for the exam but also for their future careers.